June 12th, 2017 Incident, Diamond Heights Village

Neighbor brutally attacked and keys/phone stolen 

Reported on Nextdoor.com by Chris James from Diamond Heights · 12 Jun

Please refer to the posting and comments on NextDoor.com for details on the scam used in this atrocious and reprehensible assault, robbery and car theft in one of our buildings. 

As the 3 perpetrators may still have building keys, locks are being changed. (But not in Clubhouse/Pool Area?)

Wishing a swift recovery to the victim and long prison sentences to the perpetrators. Be always aware and vigilant, even in our relatively safe DHV complex. 

April 13th, 2010 IncidentDiamond Heights Village

2010 Attempted Mail Theft in Lobby of Building K


The Facts:   On April 13, 2010, a resident reported that he witnessed a woman who had two banks of mailboxes in the K building wide open….i.e. whole banks of mailboxes, opened with a master key, not just one…and not by a uniformed postal worker.


He asked her if she lived here, causing her to leave the building without replying.  He saw her get into a car that was waiting for her outside.  He called the police and reported the incident.  Management reviewed the lobby video camera footage and contacted postal and police authorities….who changed the master mailbox locks in K, but declined to pursue the matter further.


The Conclusion:  Once again, our expensive ($70,000+) video surveillance system in the lobby did not deter, identify, apprehend or convict the criminal.  Neither will adding another $70,000 system in the garages.


As with previous incidents, what did immediately stop the crime was appropriate action by a resident….one  who questioned the suspicious behavior, called the police and reported it. That is what has always worked: Alert and proactive residents! 


Please read the above file for a detailed account of recent DHV petty crime, the coming $70,000 Special Assessment, our continuing "security camera" failures, ...and some real security practices that actually worked here.

If you need it, get the Adobe Reader here:

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