Exterior Lighting

To illuminate the driveways, past Boards had our janitorial supply company pick a cheap model of lighting fixture and later install it over every driveway. One director (Terence Groeper) wanted a qualified lighting designer and even had one examine the premises and the proposd cheap model (not recommended as energy inefficient, fragile and overall more costly), but the Board (Jack Lenk, Charles Mader and Drake Poston) voted for the cheap one and no designer.

(At least the Board narrowly rejected the model Stealth 200 motion sensor lighting, aimed a "startling" residents, drivers, and intruders alike, while reducing safety and increasing liability.)

A few years later, as the cheap model required frequent lamp replacement and used excessive electricity, the same Directors scrapped the new fixtures and replaced them with a model similar to what the lighting designer originally suggested.

No time or money to do it right, but always time and money to redo it.

Still later, the Board relamped all the catwalks with much brighter bulbs and the increased illumination on the driveways negated the need for those driveway lights.

To this day, the excessive driveway illumination wastes energy and blinds approaching drivers.  Both things that a qualified lighting designer would have avoided.

At the time the catwalk and pathway lighting was done, the garages got new smaller fluorescent fixtures, now "motion sensing" (to save energy) and narrower in their illumination pattern...creating more and darker areas for intruders to hide.

Getting a qualified lighting designer for these projects would have saved more than it costed.

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