June 19, 2017, Diamond Heights Village

This annual event is over for 2017.  In 2010, Five DHV homeowners went (by carpool) and we all had a good time while learning how to "Be a HOA Survivor."  So, put it on your schedule for next summer and join us then.

What are ECHO Seminars…and why would I want to attend them (for free)?

Have you ever wondered about homeowner associations like DHVA in these tough economic times?  If they’ll survive?  How they’re governed, who pays for what, who’s responsible for what, and what laws apply?  The place to find out is the annual Executive Council of Home Owners Conference this Saturday, June 19, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.  It’s a fun way to get your questions answered by experts at your choice of 16 friendly seminars, at the informal lunch with other associations, or at the vendors’ trade show.  Best of all, if you’re a DHV owner, the entire cost plus mileage is now fully reimbursable by your Association.  Carpools are now forming from DHV, so join your neighbors and learn what makes our community tick.  Call the office for more details. Then, let’s go!


The 2010 theme is “Be a HOA Survivor.”  Learn about:

  • People, Pets & Smoking. Tackle the tough, daily problems.
  • New FHA Lending Requirements.  Thinking of refinancing?
  • Going Green.  Saving resources and saving money.
  • Insurance.  For associations…and for homeowners (led by DHVA’s own insurance broker).
  • Ethics for Board Members. Act ethically and reduce liability.
  • Maintenance in Tight Times. Find the best approach for your community.
  • Legislative Update. Track new and proposed changes in the law.
  • Hear presentations on strategic planning…or the consequences of violating Davis-Stirling.  And much more!


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