Please please read the document above...for a cautionary perspective on the completely new DHVA Governing Documents!    

DHVA Governing Documents

An Overview and Road Map by Terence Groeper

The document above summarizes my work and my opinion on the proposed new  DHVA Governing Documents (CC&R's and By Laws).  I hope you will find it an easy-to-read, users-friendly overview and road map to the extensive and complex changes in the proposed rewrite...and will help you to easily decide on voting for or against these revisions.  Please read and fully understand those changes before voting.

And please remember that...

  1. These Documents control every aspect of your life and your investment here....and it is up to the members to choose how they want to be governed.
  2. Despite what you may be told, most of the proposed changes are optional and up to the members....not required by any law.  In most cases, the law allows, but does not require, more stringent lifestyle restrictions, but only if the majority of members want them.
  3. It is a balance between what is good for the Association as a whole and the protections individual owners need for peace and security in their homes.
  4. The new version has many significant changes in meaning and affect, not just in format or layout.
  5. If you find even one item unacceptable, you can vote against the whole proposal, until it is all fixed....that's your only power.
  6. The law always overrides anything in the Documents, either old and new, so while an update would be nice, but no change from our existing Documents is ever legally required.

Please let me know your viewpoint or if you find other objectionable changes in the new documents or if you'd like me to send you computer searchable versions of the old or new documents.  Thanks.    T e r e n c e . G r o e p e r @ g m a i l . c o m

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