The 2017 Annual Members Meeting:  Proceedings, Q & A, and Board Candidate Nominations

June 21, 2017, Diamond Heights Village Club House.   The Annual Homeowners' Meeting and Board Candidate's Night.  A brief summary of this meeting is coming soon to this space.


The 2009 Annual Members Meeting:  Earth Shaking News, Candidates' Revelations and a Social Mixer.

June 17, 2009, Diamond Heights Village Club House.   The Annual Homeowners' Meeting and Board Candidate's Night were combined again this year.  While neither is a Board of Directors' Meeting, President Jack Lenk chaired the meeting, which was also attended by Directors Drake Posten and Terence Groeper along with CIMS' managers, Deborah Garcia and Barry James, a guest speaker, and approximately 40 homeowners.  Absent were directors Charles Mader and Suzanne Frank.

DHVA Earthquake Insurance...Worth the Cost or Not?

The guest speaker, Lorena Gomez representing Socher Insurance, described our existing $10M total earthquake coverage of common interest components (and $5M maximum per buildings); replacement cost for the whole complex of about $70M; the many limits, deductibles and exclusions; the realities of a major earthquake here, and the need for each unit to carry its own personal HO6 insurance.  A lively discussion ensued on dropping earthquake coverage, keeping it or even increasing it...most favored the latter, since individual homeowners no longer carry their own, but that would be probably raise assessments.  The three directors present promised that the Association would not change this coverage or self-insure without a vote of all members.  In event of the "Big One," what our insurance and reserves do not cover (much of it), members would likely be assessed, which could bankrupt many and burden those left, so this is an issue that will soon be covered here in depth.

President's Report

President Lenk extemporaneously gave his Report and profusely thanked all committee and board volunteers by name and talked of accomplishments of the past year....the most important of which is the upcoming proposed major revision to the CC&R's and By Laws, which will soon require your consideration and vote.  This is by far the most complex and important vote you will ever make here, so make sure you fully understand all of what is being changed and how it will affect you.  (To aid you with that, a easy Change Summary will soon be published sure to read it before you vote!  Later will be too late.)

Candidates for Election to Board of Directors

President Lenk mentioned several times his candidacy for re-election during his Report and later nominated himself.  After which he called on Gary Shelden, who nominated himself and spoke of his financial work for the Association.  Shirley Shaw then nominated incumbent director Terence Groeper, who described his work and some new ideas for the next term (see sidebar link.)   With 3 candidates for 3 vacancies, Jan Sheffner and Pat Hendricks called for more and 5 members nominated someone else, but they all declined.  Finally, Carol Corycinski reluctantly agreed to run.

Open Forum for the Members

Various members in the audience described their individual problems to and got answers from Management and from Directors Posten and Groeper.   (Lenk having left to walk his dog and later to get himself a bottle of wine from the waiting buffet upstairs.)

Social Mixer and Buffet Feast

After the Forum, was the Feast...of fine food and wine, expertly selected by Mr. Lenk and enjoyed by all.  This was a good chance to informally socialize and talk with the candidates and other members about the future of our Association and our homes.

Reported by Terence Groeper


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